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How much does it take to get to Kadıköy from the New Airport? HAVAİST, İETT, Subway, Taxi and a private car you can go to Kadikoy in this article we discussed how to complete your journey.

Transportation by HAVAİST:

You can go to Kadıköy by HAVAİST departing from Istanbul Airport. Bus ticket prices from Kadıköy to Istanbul Airport are 25 Turkish Liras. Cash is not accepted. You can pay for your credit card by logging into HAVAIST, which you can board with Istanbulkart, from HAVAIST’s online application.

Transportation by  İETT:

There is no direct bus from Istanbul New Airport to Kadikoy. You can take the İETT bus with the new Airport-Mecidiyeköy line and come to the Mecidiyeköy metrobus station, then you can take the metrobus and go to Kadıköy. The journey time is 60 minutes. The fee is 2 full tickets.

Transportation by Subway (Metro):

Istanbul New Airport subway line has not been opened yet. The subway, which is expected to open like 2020, will take you to Gayrettepe. You can transfer to Kadıköy.

Transportation by Taxi:

The distance from Istanbul New Airport to Kadıköy is approximately 60-65 kilometers. If you want to go by taxi, the approximate fee is around 170-200 Turkish Liras. The road that changes depending on the traffic takes one hour.

Transportation by private vehicle:

If you want to drive from Istanbul New Airport to Kadıköy by your own vehicle, follow the 0-6 road and come to TEM (you can follow the signs). From there, return to the FSM Bridge. You can reach Kadıköy by following the FSM Bridge to the Asian continent.

Your trip is over, If you will return to the airport: How can I go from Kadikoy to Istanbul New Airport?

How do I get from Kadikoy to Istanbul Airport? Which vehicle should I use to get to Istanbul Airport? We will answer the questions in this article. Transportation from Kadikoy to Istanbul Airport; It can be done by public transportation such as Havaist, İETT, Metro or by Taxi and Private vehicles. We have compiled this article about those who are curious about Istanbul Airport transportation. How to get to Kadıköy Airport from Kadıköy What are the fees? You can find it in our article.

Transportation to Istanbul Airport by Havaist:

You can easily go to Istanbul Airport from Kadıköy by Havaist Airport Buses. İST-7 Kadıköy-İstanbul Airport Havaist bus line of Havaist airport buses serves on the Kadıköy route. Kadikoy Airport is around 64 km away. Travel time with Havaist is approximately 90 minutes. Kadıköy Havaist station departs from Kadıköy İETT Bus platforms. The ticket price between Kadıköy and Airport is 25 TL. The shuttle service departs from 05:00 in the morning with a 30-minute break. Night departs from 01:00 to 05:00 with a 60 minute break. Havaist does not pay in cash. If you are going to pay with Istanbulkart, check if there is enough balance. If you pay by credit card you should download Havaist application and you can pay through the application.

Transportation by Subway (Metro):

Passengers who want to go to Istanbul Airport by metro should wait for the construction of the metro. For now, they cannot use this public transport.

Transportation by  İETT:

Passengers who want to go to Istanbul Airport by IETT can use the lines H2, H3, and H4; Transportation is provided by using Mecidiyeköy, Atatürk Airport and Halkalı.

Transportation by Taxi:

You can easily and quickly take a taxi from Kadikoy to Istanbul Airport. It is approximately 67 km away from Kadıköy by taxi to Istanbul Airport and the journey time is 1 hour. Transportation time may vary depending on weather and road conditions. Estimated transportation fee between Kadikoy and Istanbul Airport is around 250 TL.

Transportation by private vehicle:

If you want to go from Kadıköy by private car; You should follow the O-6 and go to TEM. From TEM, turn to FSM Bridge direction. You can be there in about an hour after you cross the FSM Bridge to the Asian Continent and follow the Kadıköy sign.

Places to Visit in Kadikoy:

If you have a bit to take off your plane, we have listed the places you can visit in Kadikoy.

  • Akmar Passage: It is one of the most famous places in Kadıköy where you can exchange books, DVDs and CDs.
  • Toy Museum: You may want to visit this museum which has thousands of toys.
  • Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church: The church, which has a history of 320 years, is among the places to visit.
  • Osman Aga Mosque: You can visit the mosque that is the oldest mosque in Kadikoy.
  • Haydarpasa Railway Station: You can take a souvenir photo in front of it and enjoy the beautiful sea view.

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